Dennett St.

by Blue Plutos

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"With new track “Shadow Chateau”, NYC/Boston-based group Blue Plutos have produced a tripped-out slice of indie-rock elegance. The effort touts a twangy deepness and warm reverb reminiscent of both ghostly jangle-pop (The Go-Betweens’ “Someone Else’s Wife“) and otherworldly post-punk (Wire’s “French Film Blurred“). Like these classics, the atmosphere throughout “Shadow Chateau” is wonderfully heavy, with a nonchalantly melodic vocal melody that croons through effervescent guitar jangles and floating synth touches. The track is my personal favorite off Blue Plutos’ new album Dennett St., a six-track release that follows 2012 full-length Parcells’ Beauty Shoppe. Stream the entirety of Dennett St. below (or buy it at a name-your-own-price rate on Bandcamp) for more of the same atmospheric jangle-rock/post-punk goodness." - Obscure Sound

"A straight up, well written pop number can be a difficult thing to come by nowadays. Sure some bands can do an okay job at it, but few seem to pull it off with the ease and perfection shown here by Blue Plutos. Yes sir, “Shadow Chateau”, is what I like to call pop goodness, in all its dreamy and mesmerizing glory. You can easily hear some similarities to Austin based hushed pop group Tiger Waves and you know ATH is going to get behind that." - Austin Town Hall


released July 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Blue Plutos Boston, Massachusetts

The bridges are not what they seem.

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Track Name: Want to Want
we might as well be
a rumoured island
alone in the sea
written down
but never looked at

you could catch and we'd eat
all that we could ever need
and i would build
a ship in spite of that

it's the same thing as it ever was
and the only thing that could have changed
was the want to want you anyways
the want to want you

After all its just roads
and even then we didn't go
is this oasis what
we're drinking from?

i'd be proud to be sold
on the story that you told
proves that current you
still kills me some

it's the same thing as it ever was
and the only thing that could have changed
was the want to want you anyways
the want to want you

it's the same thing only sadder now
and it never could have even changed
the want to want you anyways
the want to want you

blue and yellow
around my head
asking me for my sign-off
how many signs do you need
above the order
under the glow
stare yourself into blindness
to business
to currency

want to want you
Track Name: Shadow Chateau
hey, hey, i'm glad you're finally happy with your plan
but wait, you oughta settle down if you can
cause if you think that you can go around and play with fire
give us a wink, a nod or a smile for a little while

but don't be afraid
cause the sun, moon and stars are coming to take you away

any day x2

hey, hey if you look it's only harder to tell what a shame it was
why'd we turn our back on some body that we knew so well
and if you hear me laugh it's only figments of your running mind
don't let them get away, fast asleep at the finish line

and don't be afraid
cause the sun, moon and stars all coming to take you away

but who would have thought they'd seen it coming, as if we'd take them by surprise, i cast those thoughts off with the lies
and when the dust so thick has settled, i'll look you right between the eyes you will rest peacefully tonight in a shadow of love

in the shadow chateau

hey, hey don't let the sun and moon pass you by x2
Track Name: Kashmiri
you're alone
even when you're on your phone
talking to everyone

i'll find you out

i'm coming there
you didnt invite me here
i came cause I had to show

i've found you out

there's too much to see
i know the right places
you've shown to me
i think ill get along fine

the meaning assigned to me
acknowledge reality
i'm just made up

and the cityside
it's there so you never hide
the story that made you lie
don't make me up

from a recurring dream
that's gotten complacent
absurdity thats gone
and it's left you

head like a stone
breath like a fog
waking up wrong

gym clothes you threw
down at the wall
knowing that's all
Track Name: So I Won't
so you say it's wrong that you can't find love
cause your heart don't fit in a box

but you don't realize that you're safe behind
a broken door that still locks

but i wouldn't ask you about it
cause i don't want to hear no lies

but my back is straight and my hair is cut
and i'm not sure what i could say
so i won't

no you wouldn't believe if i told you so
so i won't
Track Name: Déjà Vu, Again
it starts with a whisper like a bang
a memory caught in the rain of me and you
in one of your serious moods

i still can remember the conversation
you were insisting adamantly that i choose
between the news

you said
everything floats up to the bright lights
it's only right for me to share with you
my differing points of view from you

everything floats up to the lights
everything floats up to the lights

without a moment of hesitation
i reply with the fainted likeness of a heart
in the summer "we play the part"

and in the din of the fading winter
it's fair to say we were the ghosts
we used to want to come to our town and haunt

everything floats up to the bright lights
and everything comes up out of the middle of the night

i'm always seeking only to find out
i'm always looking out for the crown of jewels
to see me through despite the truth, to see me through in spite of the deja vu
Track Name: Good Morning Glitterati